Jane Barrett has stood out as a most sensitive, insightful, and inspiring person. She has developed an approach to therapy that combines attention to the most subtle issues affecting one´s life with outstanding overall support for your mental health and well being. I have been steered in the right direction by Jane on many occasions, and I have her to thank for the positive direction of my life. I would highly recommend Jane as a therapist who will listen, empathize, and inspire.

Creating healing space that is non-judgemental where there is the freedom to express without filtering, be heard and acknowledged.

Working with Jane we’ve focused on the here and now. Jane is very approachable and open. I feel like our sessions are more of a dialogue with an understanding person, not a ‘doctor’. I feel free to express myself without being judged. It’s a very safe and welcoming approach. I feel the sessions can be very creative, I really recommend this type of therapy for anyone working in a creative field or who would consider themselves a ‘creative type’.

Jane helped me see myself from an objective point of view, gain more confidence, have patience with myself and forgive myself. She also helped me see where I was working hard, and where I could work smart. My relationship with my family has improved ten-fold since working with Jane. She’s the only therapist I recommend to anyone who asks.

Visiting Jane is like returning to a safe, private place where I can unload and unknot both specific and unspecific worries. There they will be gently explored and untangled under Jane’s professional guidance and I always emerge armed with practical solutions, as well as a powerful sense of positivity, strength and self-belief. Thank you!
S. C.

Jane is a lifesaver.Not only have our sessions been of great benefit for my personal well-being and development, they tend to be very pleasant and surprisingly eye-opening. I value our conversations enormously as they have taught me a lot about myself and how to best approach all sorts of issues. I will definitely go back for an occasional ‘head massage’!
A. H.

Jane provides a safe space. Her ears, insights and observations helped me address and dispel a number of self-imposed obstacles that had persisted for decades. Through our conversations, I was happy, and indeed, surprised, to discover that many of my negative notions of self flew in the face of reason and logic.
T. G.

Jane is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She helped me immensely in knowing myself better, in knowing how to deal with difficult situations, in how to practice more self-compassion,  and in how to communicate better with others. She comes from a place of pure compassion and her approach to therapy really improved my entire life.
B. B.