Hello I’m Jane. I became a therapist because of my own positive experience of receiving individual and group therapy. I was curious to discover how it worked: what it was that helped me feel a greater sense of belonging and security while becoming more self-reliant, accepting and at peace.

So I started training in Gestalt therapy to explore how these encounters had enabled me to transform my relationship with myself and others. Towards the end of those six years of personal process work and training, I found myself wanting to share and practise all I was learning, and now more than twenty years on I still love this endlessly creative and satisfying work.

The questions that inspired me to dig deeper continue to guide my practice and I feel privileged to accompany my clients in finding answers towards becoming protagonists of their own lives.

My approach

I see my job as supporting that part of you that made the call and shows up for the work, looking for clarity, relief, acceptance and change. The good news is that you already have all you need to grow and my role is to collaborate with you to keep that energy alive.

I offer a safe space for you to look at your life story from another perspective and uncover the limiting stories you are repeating on loop, acknowledge painful past experiences, mourn your losses and recover your achievements and dreams so as to free yourself up to new possibilities. The invitation is to give yourself this space to witness your inner world, locating, naming and observing your thoughts, emotions and sensations so you can better connect with what is alive in the present moment.

My style is warm, open-minded and motivational; our meetings are interactive, co-creative and often humerous. I encourage experimenting with new activities and I enjoy collaborating with clients to come up with meaningful tasks to focus on between sessions. I will share tools, techniques, tricks and wisdom that I have learnt from my trainings, teachers, clients, studies and personal experience.

My background and training

I am from the United Kingdom and came to Barcelona in 1990 to try it out for six months, and I am still here. I have made my home in this special city partly because I found my vocation here and also because I feel very comfortable in this international environment and stimulated by the opportunities it presents. I have been in private practice for more than 25 years, working with international and local clients in English and Spanish. I am in personal therapy and attend group supervision.

Over the years, I have continually upgraded my knowledge and practice and these are some of the courses, workshops and teachers that have shaped my learning:

  • BA hons Film and Drama, Reading, UK.1982Jane-side
  • Diploma in Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Institute, Barcelona. 1994 – 1997
  • Certificate in Transformational Coaching, Gestalt Institute, Barcelona. 2004 – 2007
  • Trained in Integrated Therapy ( SAT Program ) with Claudio Naranjo SAT 1997- 2001
  • Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis with Dra. Esther Costa. 2011
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction program
    ( MBSR ) Instituto esMindfulness 2012
  • Women who work with women study group with Jaqui Zieler fundacioncreavida 2015 – 2017
  • More recently, I have become involved in participatory leadership through the Art of Hosting community and u.lab and have started working to support young activists’ self-development.