Intensive Group Journal Writing Workshops


This workshop is structured around a series of guided writing exercises designed to reveal the inner continuity of our life experience. Through an unfolding process of written conversations with significant events and relationships in our life stories, the unique patterns of meaning and purpose surface, showing us what our lives are trying to become.

The group setting of the workshop creates energy and concentration and so enhances each participant`s personal journey of self- exploration. As one participant described it : the solitary work that cannot be done alone.

The workshop is based on and developed from Ira Progoff`s Intensive Journal Program and as well as writing will include movement and other forms of creative expression.
The Intensive Journal workshop provides an instrument and method by which we can discover and develop our inner resources and potential. The process is inspirational for people who find themselves in a moment of transition and would like to explore the newly opened possibilities this presents.

Upcoming dates.

The meaning of life cannot be told; it has to happen to a person.
Ira Progoff